The implementation process consists of the following steps

  1. Site review and AICARM Framework customisation

  2. Training of NDT providers

  3. Training of site maintenance personnel

  4. Mining Welder Competency phase-in

  5. Full AICARM roll-out and initial support

  6. Completion of Mining Welder Competency program

  7. Fully independent operation


The time required for the implementation process is dependent on 2 main factors

a) The maturity level of the site's maintenance systems and personnel, and the level of internal support and drive to make it happen

b) Completion of the Mining Welder Competency program,

To get a site up and running can be a very quick process if it is run efficiently and with buy-in from all stakeholders.

Although the framework is fully functional as soon as all welders have completed the quick provisional assessment, the full benefits will only come once the welders are fully competent. The actual duration for completion of the Mining Welder Competency program will depend on

  • Welder availability for training and assessment

  • Welder skill level and whether any coaching is required to "upgrade" their skills to meet Level 2 competency requirements.

  • The amount of practice required in order to become reliably proficient in achieving good quality open root welds


Each mine site is different, and the pricing for AICARM is based on each sites individual requirements.

There are three components that make up the total cost

  1. The license fee

  2. The site implementation cost covering the site review, training, and initial support.

  3. The Mining Welder Competency cost based on the number of welders on site and how the program is run

It is also possible to implement just the Crack Data System and/or Mining Welder Competency as stand-alone options and still gain significant benefits.

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