Asset Inspection. Condition Analysis. Repair Management.

Business improvement System for Total crack Management from INspection to weld repair.

Made for Mines. Made Easy.

The Right Repairs - Done Right.

Reduce maintenance Costs

improve asset reliability

extend viable Asset Structural life.

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The following presentation provides an overview of what the AICARM Framework is and how it works


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The Crack Data System provides more information about the nature of the cracking.

Using the Crack Data System, it is possible set thresholds for condition severity for a component or asset.

The informative data provided by the Crack Data System also enables improved risk management, repair strategy and repair management.

The repair management part of the AICARM Framework consists of 3 phases

  1. Repair Planning

  2. Repair Execution

  3. Close-out and follow-up

The Repair Management process utilises all of the key elements of the AICARM Framework

  • Crack Data System

  • Component Crack Repair Sheets

  • Mining Welder Competency

  • Repair Scenarios and URPS

  • QA Sheets