Repair Execution

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In the demonstration will show how each stage of the repair management process is done and how each of the elements of the AICARM framework are used.

Component Crack Repair Sheet

The full scope of crack repair work is specified by the Component Crack Repair Sheets for an asset. These are provided in the work pack (typically as part of the Work Order). This makes it simple for the Supervisor to know exactly what the cracks need to be repaired, which cracks to start on first (ie the Repair Priority 1 cracks) and how to allocate the repairs to the welders based on the required competency level.

Repair decision flow charts are also available, which provide guidance to the Supervisor regarding the best strategy and what Mining Welder Competency level is required for the repair. This is particularly useful if the crack repair changes from what was anticipated (e.g. The crack has grown from a partial thickness to full thickness crack).

Technical Welding Management

It is not necessary to have Welding Procedure Specifications, which specify the compliance criteria for how a weld is to be done, for typical routine crack repairs. We have simplified the technical welding management by taking a new approach, whereby there is a Universal Repair Parameter Sheet (URPS) for the 3 common classes of materials. The Mining Welder Competency process ensures that the Welder knows what welding settings to use based on the process, consumable, position, joint type etc. Then the methodology is provided by the Repair Scenarios, which are based on the nature and properties of the cracking.

Mining Welder Competency

The Mining Welder Competency assessment is based on the Repair Scenarios and URPS. The Mining Welder Competency levels mean that the welders have the necessary knowledge and skill to carry out effective repairs with minimal supervision and guidance. For example, you can have confidence that a MWC Level 2 welder can do single sided open root repairs with no direct instruction or guidance.

QA Sheets

A simplified QA process is used for most repairs, which also prompts the welder regarding best practice for the crack repair.

There are 3 QA Levels, with the required QA Level simply determined based on the nature of the repair