Effective Repairs

Effective Repairs = Less Cracking

Less Cracking leads to the following benefits

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Less downtime

  • Longer Structural Life

What are "effective Repairs"?

"Effective Repairs" basically means that the repairs are completed to the necessary quality level and that the fatigue life of the repair has been optimised. An effective repair may have a fatigue life that is 5x to 10x of typical repairs. Fundamentally, the key factors for improved fatigue life are to minimise residual stresses and remove stress concentrators. Effective repairs can have better fatigue life than the original weld. Even greater fatigue life improvements can be achieved if HFMI is used to treat the weld toes.

The AICARM Framework provides the system and processes for achieving effective repairs.

The Mining Welder Competency ensures that welders have the necessary knowledge and ability to be able to achieve effective repair outcomes.

The Crack Data System provides the necessary information for risk and repair management.