Condition Analysis

COndition Severity THresholds

  • Develop thresholds for components/assets based on location type that is easy for NDT technicians to use

  • An example of how the thresholds may be applied is shown in the image.

  • This enables a consistent TARP based approach to be applied for repair management

Risk and Repair Strategy Management

The Crack Data System provides rich information that can be used to accurately diagnose a crack in order to properly understand and assess the risk it poses. This allows decisions to be made regarding the optimal risk and repair management strategy in line with the asset management strategy, maintenance plan, and operations.

Rapidly identify which cracks to focus on

  • Location type - cracks in Vital areas may take priority

  • Crack Types - Know the nature of the cracking.

  • Crack Depth - full thickness cracks may have higher priority or need a different repair strategy

  • Know if cracking is coming from internal and is longer than is visually evident

Request a demonstration to see how this is done.