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  • Reduce total weld repair costs

  • Extend viable asset structural life

  • Improved contractor management via the Mining Welder Competency

  • Commercial - get more accurate and comparable quotations based on better crack data

Use the following tool to explore some scenarios regarding just how much your site could save in terms of % of current maintenance costs.

All information is anonymous - feel free to run as many scenarios as you want.

Full information regarding how the assumptions and calculations used for this estimator are provided in this document


  • Implementing the Mining Welder Competency provides surety of welder proficiency and hence improved safety

  • The Mining Welder Competency provides evidence based VoC for all the welding processes that must be used on site

  • Reduced repairs means less exposure to risk of injury

  • Improved crack repair quality means lower risk of failures that may cause a safety incident

Risk Management

  • More accurate risk management and maintenance based on better crack data

  • Reduced risk of lost production due to cracking.

  • Reduce financial and safety risks involved with the affects of cracking and weld repairs

  • Option to provide customised and standardised condition severity thresholds for TARPS

Personnel Management

  • Clearly defined role based responsibilities

  • Clearly defined process and communications

  • Transparency and auditability of the repair planning and management process

  • No welding experts required for routine repairs

Engineering and Reliability

  • Better data for making decisions

  • Improved cracking analytics

  • Step towards achieving ISO 55000

  • Full technical support documentation and training

  • No headaches from trying to implement a database of welding procedures for repairs

  • Improved overall reliability and availability

Planning and Scheduling

  • Assign priorities to each crack to be repaired

  • Able to accurately estimate repair duration and ancillary scopes

  • Clearly define required labour - no more over or under allocation

  • Improve scheduling for repairs in workshops based on estimated repair duration

  • Improved shutdown planning and management

Repair Management

  • Clearly defined work scopes

  • Easily allocate a welder with the appropriate competency for the repair

  • Improved repair completion due to better planning and resourcing.

  • Identify exactly what was repaired and to what extent.

  • Simple QA to provide accountability and full traceability.