Mining Welder Competency


The Mining Welder Competency is an essential part of the AICARM Framework. Regardless of the repair management system or methods, the benefits of effective repairs can only be realised if the welders are capable of achieving the required repair quality and outcomes.

The Mining Welder Competency The Mining Welder Competency program provides mine sites with a means to ensure that Welders have the necessary knowledge and proficiency to safely carry out effective weld repairs of cracking in mining equipment. Welders are benchmarked to one of 3 levels based on their abilities to carry out repairs of typical cracking in mining equipment.

The Mining Welder Competency assessment process is based on the Repair Scenarios and URPS, so that you can be confident of the welders' ability to deliver effective repairs. Furthermore, the simple welder competency level system allows for easy repair management via allocation of welders to repairs based on the nature of the cracking. The Mining Welder Competency is for all Welders working in the mining industry - FTE's on mine sites and Contractors.

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The following slideshow provides an brief overview of the Mining Welder Competency program.

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Mining Welder Competency Overview